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1998 Kenya Shilling coin pendant Kenyan lions Nairobi East Africa Kikuyu Luhya Luo Kiswahili Great Rift Valley Lamu safari spears n002629

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Kenya 1 Shilling {1995-1998}

front: coat of arms, tribal shield on stand, crossed spears behind and rampant lions

The coat of arms of Kenya features two lions, a symbol of protection, holding spears and a traditional East African shield. The shield and spears symbolize unity and defense of freedom. The shield contains the national colors, representing:

Black for the people of Kenya
Green for the agriculture and natural resources
Red for the struggle for freedom
White for unity and peace.

Lettering: HARAMBEE

back: portrait facing right

• quantity 1
• polished Brass plated Steel coin
• diameter: 22 mm
• weight: 4.35 g

***Choose from drop down menu *** {2 mm thick cords}
22" black cotton necklace
24" silver plated ball chain
1-1/8" silver color keychain with 30 mm ring {see last photo}

****If you need different length black necklace please message me****

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