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antique 1668-1700 Japan 1 Mon cash coin earrings Japanese Kanei Tsuho Kanji Shogun Edo Tokyo last Samurai bunsen Nippon hook earring e000098

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circa 1668-1700 Japanese 1 Mon FEATURING front: Inscription Kwan-Ei Tsu-Ho  寛 寶 通  永 Talk about holding history in your hands - literally! This 1668-Bun 1 Mon Square Hole Kanei Tsuho coin is 340 years old! It was cast in solid copper nearly three and a half centuries ago in what is now modern Tokyo, then called Edo (Yedo or Yeddo). These coins were issued by the most powerful warlord in the land, the de facto ruler of Japan, the Tokugawa Shogun Ietsuna, the fourth of this dynasty. Think of all the hands this coin has passed through and how much history it has witnessed! • quantity 1 pair • demonetized (no longer in circulation) cast Copper coin with square hole • diameter: 25 mm • weight: 5 g +/- GOLD PLATED STAINLESS STEEL EAR WIRES • Style: steel fishhook ear wires with coil {6 mm} • Metal: gold plated surgical steel for sensitive ears • Length: 19 mm top to bottom of loop in front • Gauge: 21 gauge • rubber stoppers included facebook.com/coinedJewelry instagram.com/coinedJewelry twitter.com/coinedJewelry pinterest.com/coinedJewelry tumblr.com/blog/coinedJewelry

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