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1919 Italy 20 Centesimi coin earrings Savoy shield Rome Milan Siena Capri Sardinia Parma San Gimignano Positano Lazio Cagliari e000114

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Italy 20 Centesimi {1918-1919} Ruler: Vittorio Emanuele III FEATURING front: crowned Savoy Shield between twisted branches of laurel and oak. Up the motto: REGNO D'ITALIA These coins were minted during a period when nickel was used in war industries. Because of this they were overstruck upon planchets of the elder 20 centesimi 1894 - 1895 withdrawn from circulation from 1909 to 1914. For this reason on many coins traces of the older coins are visible. • quantity 1 pair • demonetized {no longer in circulation} polished Copper-nickel coins • diameter: 21.5 mm • weight: 4 g SILVER PLATED STEEL EAR WIRES • Style: steel fish hook ear wires with 6 mm coil • Metal: silver plated surgical steel for sensitive ears • Length: 19 mm top to bottom of open loop in front • Thickness: 21 gauge • rubber stoppers included

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