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1944 UK India 1/2 Anna coin pendant New Delhi Mumbai Sarnath Dharma Pune Bangalore Varanasi Ganges Punjabi Jaipur Hindi Urdu Hindu n000038

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UK British India 1/2 Anna {1942-1945} 6S FEATURING front: denomination and date within decorative outline, Value in 4 Indian languages outside border Urdu, Bengali, Telugu & Devanagari within a toothed rim Lettering: دو پیسہ दो पैसा দুই পয়সা INDIA AN ½ NA 1944 రెండు పైసలు Translation: Two Paisa (=1/2 anna) ideal for someone named ANNA, ANA, JOANNA , HANNAH or simply anyone who would love this coin! back: King George VI crowned head left, English legend, toothed rim Lettering: GEORGE VI KING EMPEROR • quantity 1 • demonetized (no longer in circulation) polished Nickel-brass coin • diameter: 17.3 mm • weight: 2.92 g CHOOSE FROM DROP DOWN MENU {2.4 mm thick cords} • 22" black cotton necklace with lobster clasp • 24” brass ball chain {lightweight 5 g} • 2-1/2" brass snake keychain with snap end {see last photo}  • no chain or cord message me if you need a shorter length black necklace