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1948 1950 Japan Yen coin earring orange blossom floral Tokyo Osaka Honshu Hokkaido Kyushu Shikoku Hiroshima Nagasaki Kantō Ginza e000034

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Japan 1 Yen {1948-1950} 4S Shōwa era FEATURING front: orange blossom wreath Lettering: 一 円 Translation: 1 Yen back: Value within center circle, flanked by dots, issuing authority on top, date on the bottom Lettering: • 日 本 國 • 昭和二十三年 Translation: • State of Japan • Year 23 of Shōwa • quantity 1 pair • demonetized {no longer in circulation} polished Brass coins • diameter: 20 mm • weight: 3.2 g GOLD PLATED STAINLESS STEEL EAR WIRES • Style: steel fish hook ear wires with 6 mm coil • Metal: gold plated surgical steel for sensitive ears • Length: 19 mm top to bottom of loop in front • Thickness: 21 gauge • rubber stoppers included 1L48, 4L49, 2L50

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