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1949 Israel 100 Prutah coin pendant Judean date palm tree Methuselah Jewish Hebrew Menorah Torah Jerusalem Judaism Talmud necklace n002208

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1949 Israel 100 Prutah {1 year issue} FEATURING front: date palm tree with seven branches and two bunches of dates. Country name is listed in Hebrew and Arabic Lettering: ישראל اسرائيل Translation: Israel Fruit of the date palm was considered a staple food in the Judaean Desert, as it was a source of food and its tree of shelter and shade for thousands of years, and became a recognized symbol of the Kingdom of Judah. It grew around the Dead Sea in the south, to the Sea of Galilee and the Hula Valley regions in the north. The tree and its fruit caused Jericho to become a major population center and are praised in the Hebrew Bible possibly several times indirectly, such as in Psalms, 92, "The righteous himself will blossom forth as a palm tree does", and date clusters (Hebrew: תַּלְתַּלִּים‎‎‎) are mentioned in Song of Songs 5:11 The book Plants of the Bible by Michael Zohary states: “The Hebrew word for the date palm is ‘tàmâr.’ . . . It became the Jews’ symbol of grace and elegance and was often bestowed by them to women.” For example, David’s beautiful daughter was named Tamar. back: Value and date in Hebrew within wreath of stylized olive branches Lettering: 100 פרוטה תש"ט • quantity 1 • polished Copper-nickel coin • diameter: 28.5 mm • weight: 11.3 g ***Choose from drop down menu *** {2 mm thick cords} 22" black cotton necklace 24" silver plated ball chain 1-1/8" silver color keychain with 30 mm ring {see last photo} ***If you need different length black necklace please leave a note upon checkout***

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