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1953 1963 Spain peseta coin pendant Spanish Pillars of Hercules crown España escudo castillo castle lion leon aguila eagle necklace n001696

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Spain España 1 Peseta ~ Francisco Franco 1st portrait {3S} FEATURING back: The coat of arms of Spain The Spanish coat of arms symbolizes the country, the old kingdoms of Spain, the Royal Crown, the Imperial Crown, the Constitutional monarchy, the Spanish national motto: Plus Ultra, and the Pillars of Hercules with the Spanish geographic situation. Lettering: UNA PESETA UNA GRANDE LIBRE PLUS ULTRA front: Portrait in right profile of Francisco Franco Lettering: FRANCISCO FRANCO CAUDILLO DE ESPAÑA POR LA G.DE DIOS 1963 • quantity 1 • demonetized (no longer in circulation) polished Aluminium-bronze coin • diameter: 21 mm • weight: 3.5 g ***Choose from drop down menu *** {2 mm thick cords} 22" black cotton necklace 24" brass ball chain 2-1/2" brass snake keychain with snap end {see last photo} ***If you need a different length black cotton necklace message me***

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