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1976 South Africa 20 Cent coin pendant King Protea flowering plant flower giant protea honeypot king sugar bush fynbos Cape Town Johannesburg Port Elizabeth Pretoria Bloemfontein Limpopo Nguni Bantu Zulu isiXhosa Afrikaan Table Mountain Azania n000149

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South Africa 20 Cents {1965-1990} 10S

front: A King Protea, South Africa's national flower

Protea cynaroides, the king protea, is a flowering plant. It is a distinctive member of Protea, having the largest flower head in the genus. The species is also known as giant protea, honeypot or king sugar bush. It is widely distributed in the southwestern and southern parts of South Africa in the fynbos region.

The king protea is the national flower of South Africa. It also is the flagship of the Protea Atlas Project, run by the South African National Botanical Institute.

back: Jan Van Riebeeck

• quantity 1
• demonetized {no longer in circulation} polished Nickel coin
• diameter: 24.2 mm
• weight: 6 g

• 24" stainless steel ball chain {2.5mm thick, lightweight 5 g}
• no chain or cord
• 1-1/8" stainless steel keychain with 30 mm ring {see last photo}

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