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1969 Switzerland Helvetia Confoederatio Helvetica 1/2 Franc coin earrings jewelry Swiss cross Zurich Basel Geneva Lucerne Bern Winterthur Lausanne Lugano Biel/Bienne Thun Ticino Uri Alpine Jura Alphorn e000538

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Switzerland 1/2 Franc {1968-present}

front: Helvetia is the female national personification of Switzerland, officially Confœderatio Helvetica, the Swiss Confederation. The Goddess Helvetia or the Goddess Helvetica.

The allegory is typically pictured in a flowing gown, with a spear and a shield emblazoned with the Swiss flag, and commonly with braided hair, commonly with a wreath as a symbol of confederation. The name is a derivation of the ethnonym Helvetii, the name of the Gaulish tribe inhabiting the Swiss Plateau prior to the Roman conquest.

She is encircled by the 22 stars representing the 22 cantons in which the Confederation then consisted. Later, a 23rd star was added.

Lettering: HELVETIA

back: oat sprig

• quantity 1 pair
• polished Copper-Nickel coins
• diameter: 18.2 mm
• weight: 2.5 g

• Style: steel fish hook ear wires with 6X2 mm coil
• Metal: silver plated surgical steel for sensitive ears
• Length: 19 mm top to bottom of open loop in front
• Thickness: 21 gauge
• rubber stoppers included

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coin Swiss cross Zurich pendant St Gallen Lugano Biel/Bienne Thun Ticino Uri Alpine Jura Alphorn

Swiss jewelry, Geneva ,Basel, Lausanne, Bern, Winterthur, Lucerne, Landwasserviadukt, Vaud, Aargau, Schwyz, Grisons , Valais

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