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1989 Botswana 10 Thebe coin pendant gemsbok zebras Gaborone antelope Selibe Phikwe Tswana Bantu Setswana Kalanga Serowe Pula n002029

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Botswana 10 Thebe {1976-1989} 3S

front: The coat of arms of Botswana was adopted on January 25, 1966. The shape of the shield is that of traditional shields found in East Africa.

On the top portion of the shield are three cogwheels that represent industry.

The three waves symbolize water, and reminds the viewer of the motto of the nation: pula, which means simply "rain", but also good luck, and is the name of the nation's currency.

At the bottom of the shield is the head of a bull, which symbolizes the importance of cattle herding to Botswana


back: South African gemsbock (Oryx gazella)

• quantity 1
• polished Copper-nickel coin
• diameter: 22 mm
• weight: 4 g

CHOOSE FROM DROP DOWN MENU {2.4 mm thick cords}
• 22" black cotton necklace with lobster clasp
• 24" stainless steel ball chain {lightweight 5 g}
• 1-1/8" silver color keychain with 30 mm ring {see last photo}
• no chain or cord

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