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1977 Israel 25 Agorot coin pendant Jewish Kinnor 3 stringed lyre harp Bar Kokhba Revolt coinage menorah Judea Samaria Jerusalem Tel Aviv Haifa Rishon LeZion Petah Ashdod Palestine Netanya Beersheba Nazareth Torah Talmud Zion Hebrew Caesarea Masada n003678

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hard to find issue!

Israel 25 Agorot {1974-1979}

Year set issue; With Star of David

front: Three stringed lyre

Scripts: Arabic, Hebrew

Lettering: اسرائيل ישראל ✡

Kinnor is an ancient Israelite musical instrument in the yoke lutes family, the first one to be mentioned in the Hebrew Bible.

Its exact identification is unclear, but in the modern day it is generally translated as "harp" or "lyre", and associated with a type of lyre depicted in Israelite imagery, particularly the Bar Kokhba coins. It has been referred to as the "national instrument" of the Jewish people, and modern luthiers have created reproduction lyres of the kinnor based on this imagery.

Bar Kokhba Revolt coinage were coins issued by the Judaean rebel state, headed by Simon Bar Kokhba, during the Bar Kokhba revolt against the Roman Empire of 132–135 CE.

back lettering:
25 אגורות

• quantity 1
• demonetized {no longer in circulation} polished Copper-nickel coin
• diameter: 25.5 mm
• weight: 6.5 g

• 24" stainless steel ball chain {2.5mm thick, lightweight 5 g}
• no chain or cord
• 1-1/8" stainless steel keychain with 30 mm ring {see last photo}

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Israel coin pendant necklace jewelry Jewish biblical Kinnor 3 stringed lyre harp yoke lute national instrument Bar Kokhba Revolt coinage menorah Judea Judaean Samaria Jerusalem Tel Aviv Haifa Rishon LeZion Petah Tikva Ashdod Palestine Star of David Netanya Beersheba Holon Safed Nazareth Judaism Torah Talmud Zion Hebrew Bible harp of David Yiddish Jaffa Caesarea Masada Old Testament Nevel Nebel

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