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Italy Gettone Telefonico phone booth token coin pendant Rome Milan Firenze Venice Pisa Sicily Capri rotary dial telephone cell phone n001103

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Gettone Telefonico Phone Company Token {1959-2001} 10S

used from 1959 to 2001

The Gettone had the date marked on it in the form of a four digit number at the bottom of the back of the token. The first two digits represent the year in which the token was minted. The last two digits represent the month.
6809= 1968, September

They were considered legal tender, almost always being accepted as payment. One Gettone was valued 50 lire up to 1980, 100 lire up to 1984 and 200 lire from 1984. The gettone thus became known as a typical Italian item even outside of Italy.

• quantity 1
• demonetized {no longer in circulation} polished Bronze token
• diameter: 24.5 mm
• weight: 7 g
• comes with a 24" brass ball chain

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