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1995 Albania 5 Leke coin pendant double headed eagle Tirana Krujë Mangalem district Albanian Shkumbin River Skanderbeg necklace n002245

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Albania 5 Leke ~ Lekë FEATURING front: Coat of arms of Albania (1992-1998) The coat of arms of Albania is an adaptation of the red flag of Albania with a silhouetted black double headed eagle in the center. The red stands for bravery, strength and valor, while the double headed eagle represents the sovereign state of Albania. The elements of the flag's design such as the double-headed eagle were borrowed from the banner of the Byzantine Empire. The eagle was used for heraldic purposes in the Middle Ages by a number of noble families in Albania and became the symbol of the Albanians. The Kastrioti's coat of arms, depicting a black double-headed eagle on a red field, became famous when he led a revolt against the Ottoman Empire resulting in the independence of Albania from 1443 to 1479. This was the flag of the League of Lezhë, which was the first unified Albanian state in the Middle Ages and the oldest Parliament with extant records. George Castriot (Albanian: Gjergj Kastrioti, 6 May 1405 – 17 January 1468), known as Skanderbeg (Albanian: Skënderbej or Skënderbeu from Ottoman Turkish: اسکندر بگ‎ İskender Bey), was an Albanian nobleman and military commander, who served the Ottoman Empire in 1423–43, the Republic of Venice in 1443–47, and lastly the Kingdom of Naples until his death. After leaving Ottoman service, he led a rebellion against the Ottoman Empire in what is today Albania and Macedonia. Skanderbeg always signed himself as Lord of Albania (Latin: Dominus Albaniae), and claimed no other titles but that in official documents. Lettering: REPUBLIKA E SHQIPERISE 1995 back: The facial value and an olive branch • quantity 1 • polished Nickel plated Steel coin • diameter: 20 mm • weight: 3.12 g ***Choose from drop down menu *** {2 mm thick cords} 22" black cotton necklace 24" silver plated ball chain 1-1/8" silver color keychain with 30 mm ring {see last photo} ****If you need different length black necklace please message me****