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1994 Poland 2 Zlote coin pendant Polska white eagle Warsaw Kraków Poznań Polish crown Pole Polak Slavic West Slavs Oświęcim necklace n001582

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Republic of Poland 2 Zlote {Rzeczpospolita Polska} {4S}

front: Eagle in the coat-of-arms of the Republic of Poland, state name in Polish 'RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA', and year of issue.

back: The denomination is surrounded with two oak leaves on vertical and horizontal lines which redesign the denomination

Lettering: 2 ZŁOTE

• quantity 1
• polished Bi-Metallic coin
Copper-nickel center in Aluminium-bronze ring
• diameter: 21.5 mm
• weight: 5.21 g
• comes with a 24" silver plated ball chain

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