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1986 Barbados 1 Cent coin pendant Barbadian Bajan Poseidon Broken Trident 3 pronged spear dolphin fish pelican Bridgetown Oistins Holetown Speightstown Saint Michael Six Cross Roads South Point Lighthouse drietand Neptune sea god aquaman n000010

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Barbados 1 Cent {1973-2012} 44S

front: trident

A black trident head, commonly called the broken trident.
The trident symbol was taken from Barbados' colonial badge, where the trident of Poseidon is shown with Britannia holding it. The broken lower part symbolizes a symbolic break from its status as a colony.
The three points of the trident represent the three principles of democracy: 1) government of the people, 2) government for the people, and 3) government by the people.

back: Coat of Arms of Barbados {dolphin fish and a pelican} Wapen

The national symbol found on top of the helmet for Barbados is the fist of a Barbadian holding two stalks of sugar cane, that are crossed to resemble St. Andrew's Cross. This is representative of the importance of the sugar industry as well as Barbados celebrating its national independence day on St. Andrew's Day.

The shield is gold in color. Upon it are a pair of the national flower, known as the Pride of Barbados, and a single bearded fig tree (Ficus citrifolia). The shield is supported by a dolphin fish and a pelican. They stand for the fishing industry and Pelican Island, respectively.

At the bottom is Barbados' national motto ("Pride and Industry") on a scroll.

• quantity 1
• polished Bronze coin
• diameter: 19 mm
• weight: 3.1 g

• 24” brass ball chain {2.5mm thick, lightweight 5 g}
• 2-1/2" brass snake keychain with snap end {see last photo}
• no chain or cord

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