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2001 Guatemala 50 Centavos coin pendant necklace jewelry White Nun orchid Mixco Orquídea Monja Blanca blossom botanical flower flora Jalapa Escuintla n000483

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Guatemala 50 Centavos {1998-2007} 18S


front: White Nun orchid (Orquídea Monja Blanca) national flower, flor nacional

Lycaste skinneri has a white variety (alba) which is the national flower of Guatemala, commonly known as Monja Blanca (White Nun)
a very showy tropical American orchid bearing solitary predominantly white flowers that are often suffused with rose or marked with rosy crimson

back: national arms

• quantity 1
• polished Nickel-brass coin
• diameter: 24.25 mm
• weight: 5.5 g

CHOOSE FROM DROP DOWN MENU {2.4 mm thick cords}
• 22" black cotton necklace with lobster clasp
• 24” brass ball chain {lightweight 5 g}
• 2-1/2" brass snake keychain with snap end {see last photo} 
• no chain or cord

message me if you need a shorter length black necklace 

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