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2000 Romania 500 Lei coin pendant necklace jewelry Romanian golden eagle Bucharest Orthodox cross Balkans Moldavia Wallachia Transylvania n001907

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note: this coin is light weight as it is aluminum

Romania 500 Lei {1998-2006} 9S

front: coat of arms

Romania’s coat of arms has as a central element the golden aquila holding an Orthodox cross in its beak and a mace and a sword in its claws. Traditionally, this eagle appears in the arms of the Argeș county, the town of Pitești and the town of Curtea de Argeș. It stands for the “nest of the Basarabs”, the nucleus around which Wallachia was organized.

The coat of arms of Romania was adopted on 10 September 1992, it is based on the Lesser Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Romania (used between 1922 and 1947). It also consists of the three colors: red, yellow, and blue, which represent the colors of the national flag.

The shield surmounting the eagle is divided into five fields, one for each historical province of Romania with its traditional symbol:

golden aquila - Wallachia (Muntenia)
aurochs - Moldavia (Moldova) and Bukovina (Bucovina)
dolphins - Seaside: Bessarabia/Budjak (1867–1878) and Dobruja (after 1878)
a black aquila, seven castles, a sun and a moon - Transylvania (Transilvania), Maramureș and Crișana
lion and Trajan's bridge - Oltenia and the Banat


• quantity 1
• demonetized {no longer in circulation} polished Aluminium coin
• diameter: 25 mm
• weight: 3.7 g

• 22" black cotton necklace with lobster clasp, 2 mm thick {see last photo}
• 24" stainless steel ball chain, 2.4 mm thick
• 1-1/8" stainless steel keychain with 30 mm ring {see last photo}
• no chain or cord

message me if you need a shorter length black necklace

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