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1995 or 2003 Haiti 1 Gourde coin pendant Port-au-Prince Citadelle Laferrière fortress Saint-Domingue Hispaniola French France n001328 Active

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Haiti 1 Gourde {6S}

front: National arms

It shows 6 draped flags of the country, three on each side, which are located before a palm tree and cannons on a green lawn. On the lawn various items are found, such as a drum, bugles, long guns, and ship anchors. Above the palm tree, there is a Phrygian cap placed as a symbol of freedom. On the lawn between the drum and the ribbon there were supposed to be two pieces of chain with a broken link symbolizing the broken chain of slavery


back: Image of the Citadelle (Citadel), Laferrière, a mountaintop fortress built by Henri Christophe, considered one of the largest fortresses of all Americas. In 1982, it was elected as an World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

• quantity 1
• polished Brass plated Steel coin
• diameter: 23 mm
• weight: 6.3 g
• comes with a 24" brass ball chain

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