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2008 Norway 50 Ore coin pendant Norwegian crown Nidhogg dragon Norge Noreg Scandinavian Nordic sagas Bryggen Trondheim Sámi vikings n001419

  • $14.95

Norway 50 Ore {1996-2011} 2S

front: Norwegian crown

back: Mythical animal - Nidhogg (Dragon)

Lettering: 50 ØRE·NOREG

In Norse mythology, Níðhöggr (Malice Striker, traditionally also spelled Níðhǫggr, often anglicized Nidhogg) is a dragon/serpent who gnaws at a root of the world tree, Yggdrasil. In historical Viking society, níð was a term for a social stigma implying the loss of honor and the status of a villain. Thus, its name might refer to its role as a horrific monster in its action of chewing the corpses of the inhabitants of Náströnd: those guilty of murder, adultery, and oath-breaking, which Norse society considered among the worst possible.

• quantity 1
• demonetized {no longer in circulation} polished Bronze coin
• diameter: 18.5 mm
• weight: 3.6 g

***Choose from drop down menu *** {2 mm thick cords}
22" black cotton necklace
24" brass ball chain
2-1/2" brass snake keychain with snap end {see last photo}

***If you need a different length black cotton necklace message me***

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