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2012 Namibia 10 cents coin pendant African desert Camelthorn tree sun Ovambo Namibian Windhoek charm necklace jewelry n000771

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Namibia 10 cents FEATURING front: Camelthorn tree (Acacia erioloba), partial stylized sun Vachellia erioloba (camel thorn, giraffe thorn is a tree of southern Africa in the family Fabaceae. Its preferred habitat is the deep dry sandy soils in parts of South Africa, Botswana, the western areas of Zimbabwe and Namibia. It is also native to Angola, south-west Mozambique, Zambia and Swaziland. The tree was first described by Ernst Heinrich Friedrich Meyer and Johann Franz Drège in 1836. The camel thorn is a protected tree in South Africa. The name 'camel thorn' refers to the fact that giraffe (kameelperd in Afrikaans) commonly feed on the leaves with their specially-adapted tongue and lips that can avoid the thorns. The scientific name 'erioloba' means "wooly lobe", a reference to the ear-shaped pods back: Namibia coat of arms with Oryx supporters • quantity 1 • polished Nickel plated Steel coin • diameter: 21.5 mm • weight: 3.5 g ***Choose from drop down menu *** {2 mm thick cords} 22" black cotton necklace 24" silver plated ball chain 1-1/8" silver color keychain with 30 mm ring {see last photo} ****If you need different length black necklace please message me****