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2019 Austria Osterreich 1 Euro Cent coin pendant necklace jewelry Stemless Trumpet Gentian flowering Alpine perennial plant Alps Pyrenees mountains Vienna Salzburg Graz Linz Innsbruck Klagenfurt Villach Tyrol Styria Carinthia Sankt Polten Wels n002343

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note: small coin

Austria 1 Euro Cent {2002-2021} 2S 1L19

front: A gentian, symbolising a duty to the environment

Gentian Flower or Stemless Gentian Flower - Binomial Name: Gentiana acaulis

Gentiana acaulis, the stemless gentian, or trumpet gentian, is a species of flowering plant in the family Gentianaceae, native to central and southern Europe, from Spain east to the Balkans, growing especially in mountainous regions, such as the Alps and Pyrenees, at heights of 800–3,000 m (2,625–9,843 ft).

It is a perennial plant, growing up to a height of 10 centimetres (3.9 in) tall and forming a "mat" up to 50 centimetres (20 in) wide. The leaves, which can be lanceolate, elliptical or obovate, are evergreen, 2–3.5 cm long, in a basal rosette, forming clumps. The trumpet-shaped terminal flowers are blue with olive-green spotted longitudinal throats. They grow on a very short peduncle, 3–6 cm long. The flower stem is often without leaves, or has 1 or 2 pairs of leaves. It likes full sun, is fully hardy and flowers in late spring and summer.

back: A globe, next to the facial value, shows Europe in relation to Africa and Asia

• quantity 1
• polished Copper plated Steel coin
• diameter: 16.25 mm
• weight: 2.3 g

• 24” brass ball chain {2.5mm thick, lightweight 5 g}
• no chain or cord
• 2-1/2" brass snake keychain with snap end {see last photo}

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