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1818 Russia 2 Kopecks coin pendant Russian eagle Moscow Novosibirsk Sochi Slavic Volgograd Red Square Omsk Samara Siberia Rus Tatars n001646

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Russia 2 Kopecks {1810-1830} 5S

Aleksandr I / Nikolai I

front: crowned double headed imperial eagle

The heraldic device of Russia has gone through three major periods in its history, undergoing major changes in the transitions between the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and the Russian Federation. The use of the double-headed eagle as a Russian coat of arms goes back to the 15th century. With the fall of Constantinople and the end of the Byzantine Empire in 1453, the Grand Dukes of Muscovy came to see themselves as the successors of the Byzantine heritage, a notion reinforced by the marriage of Ivan III to Sophia Paleologue (hence the expression "Third Rome" for Moscow and, by extension, for the whole of Imperial Russia). Ivan adopted the golden Byzantine double-headed eagle in his seal, first documented in 1472, marking his direct claim to the Roman imperial heritage and posing as a sovereign equal and rival to the Holy Roman Empire. In 1497 it was stamped on a charter of share and allotment of independent princes' possessions. At about the same time, the image of a gilt, double-headed eagle on a red background appeared on the walls of the Palace of Facets in the Moscow Kremlin.

back: value within wreath.


Translation: 2 Kopecks

• quantity 1
• demonetized {no longer in circulation} Copper coin
• diameter: 29 mm
• weight: 13.65 g

CHOOSE FROM DROP DOWN MENU {2.4 mm thick cords}`
• 22" black cotton necklace with lobster clasp
• 21” bronze link chain with lobster clasp {4x6 mm links}
• 2-1/2" brass snake keychain with snap end {see last photo} 
• no chain or cord

message me if you need a shorter length black necklace 

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