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Mexico 2 Pesos coin earrings Mexican golden eagle snake Aztec calendar stone Piedra del Sol Veracruz Chiapas Pachuca Morelia Durango n003148

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Mexico 2 Pesos {1993-2018} FEATURING front: The national emblem of Mexico depicting a Mexican golden eagle perched on a prickly pear cactus devouring a snake above a half-wreath of oak and laurel below Lettering: ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS back: On the outer ring, the stylized designs from the Ring of Days (Anillo de los Días) on the Aztec calendar stone (Piedra del Sol) • quantity 1 pair • polished Bi-Metallic coins Aluminium-bronze center in Stainless Steel ring • diameter: 23 mm • weight: 5.19 g SILVER PLATED 304 STAINLESS STEEL EAR WIRES • Style: steel fish hook ear wires with 6x2 mm coil • Metal: silver plated surgical steel for sensitive ears • Length: 19 mm top to bottom of open loop in front • Thickness: 21 gauge • rubber stoppers included coin pendant Mexican eagle Veracruz Chiapas Pachuca Morelia Durango Hidalgo