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Myanmar Burma 25 pyas coin pendant lion Chinze Burmese half-lion half-dragon mythical creature asian charm necklace jewelry n000066

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Myanmar {Burma} 25 pyas {3L}

front: Chinze/Chinthe (Burmese half lion half dragon) mythical creature

Chinthe is a leogryph (lion-like creature) that is often seen at the entrances of pagodas and temples in Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Sri Lanka. The chinthe is featured prominently on the Burmese kyat and the Sri Lankan rupee. The chinthe is almost always depicted in pairs, and serve to protect the pagoda. They typically appear as animals, but are sometimes found with human faces.

• quantity 1
• Copper-nickel coin
• diameter: 24 mm
• weight: 1.4 g
• comes with a 24" silver plated ball chain

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