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Portugal 20 Escudos coin pendant Portuguese compass quinas caravela SHIP Galleon sailing navigate nautical ocean discovery n000887

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Portugal 20 Escudos {7S}

front: Nautical Compass

back: coat of arms {5 Quinas}

After the official recognition of the Kingdom of Portugal as an independent country in 1143, 5 silver bezants were added to the blue cross of the shield, symbolising coins and the right of the monarch to issue currency.

Late explanations interpret them as the five wounds of Jesus Christ, also a traditional legend explains that these escutcheons represent the five moor kings defeated by King Afonso I of Portugal in the battle of Ourique.

From the fixation of the number of bezants in five, each of the escutcheons of the Portuguese shield became popularly referred as a quina (quincunx). By synecdoche, the term "Five Quinas" or simply the "Quinas" came to be used.

The golden castles surrounding the quoins supposedly represent the Moorish castles conquered by the Kingdom of Portugal during the Reconquista. Their origin is probably Castilian.

• quantity 1
• demonetized {no longer in circulation} polished Copper-nickel coin
• diameter: 26.5 mm
• weight: 6.9 g

• comes with a 24" silver plated ball chain

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